Onyx Series Outshines the Competition


The Onyx line of heavy duty binding punches from Rhin-O-Tuff is a step above the rest. Why? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this innovative line of bindery machines and why we 100% believe that YOU are worth the investment.

Onyx line of heavy duty binding punches from Rhin-O-Tuff.

So you are scrolling through the hundreds of binding machines online and you come across something that looks different. It looks almost cool. Who ever thought a binding machine could look so cool?!

With Rhin-O-Tuff’s Onyx line of heavy duty punches, the outside appearance of their machines is just one of the many streamlined features that sets them apart from other machines on the market. 

So Quiet, You Won’t Even Know it’s On

The Onyx line of punching equipment is exceptionally quiet. How quiet? Quiet enough that users report wondering if the machine is even turned on. And we don’t just mean the motor when turned on, we mean while punching too. The sound you hear when it punches actually comes more from the paper itself than the machine. 

Why this matters: binding machines have a tendency to be kind of noisy, in general, which makes them a nuisance when placed in central locations, like within an office or at the spare desk by the sales team. With an onyx punch, however, someone could be using the machine without hindering anyone nearby.

A Powerhouse of a Machine

Rhin-O-Tuff is known around the world for their quality craftsmanship and durable machines, and the Onyx line is no different. The HD7700 and HD7500 models, especially, boast some serious power and strength. Pair these punches with the APES automatic paper ejector stacker and one of the PAL picks-a-lift systems for unrivaled throughput in a desktop system.

Why this matters: universities, copy and print shops, and large corporations who bind large volumes frequently need a reliable machine that will stand the test of time.

Cost-Effective Machine Options

You don’t have to have a huge budget to invest in a Rhin-O-Tuff onyx binding punch either. Their more affordable HD6500 and OD4012 options are the perfect choice for offices who need the guaranteed strength, without the price tag. Perfect for letter size applications, these machines increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Why this matters: Rhin-O-Tuff does not want price to be a barrier for entry. Their smaller line of Onyx binding punches give mid-sized businesses and smaller schools access to quality, without going over budget.

A Little About Rhin-O-Tuff

Since their inception in 1994, Rhin-O-Tuff has built a rock solid reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the most well-made binding and punching equipment on the market. After just a few years on the market, their name became known across the nation as the most durable and reliable desktop punches around. Their line has also expanded to include coil binding systems, punching and stacking add-ons, binding/finishing systems, automated bindery machinery, and more!

Rhin-O-Tuff continues to innovate, recently upgrading all of their machines to the Onyx series, strutting a stylish black finish, a quieter operation, and perfected features. Always made in the USA, their binding machines are backed with a 3-year warranty that’s triple the length of most other brands out there.

Invest in Onsite Binding

Spiral is proud to be partnered with a company like Rhin-O-Tuff, who continuously puts quality above all else. Often a rarity in the industry, this is the primary reason behind why the Onyx series of binding punches outshines the competition.

Invest in a Rhin-O-Tuff machine today and invest in your business. Click below to browse the collection or call us at (800) 631-3572 to speak to your dedicated customer care representative.

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