Over 1,000 New Pack & Ship Items Added to Spiral’s Comprehensive Business Line

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Ready to send your prints and products to eager customers and clients? In this post, we’ll explore Spiral’s massive new lineup of shipping products designed for seamless delivery to your recipients.

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New Product Lineup

Spiral not only provides best-in-class solutions for printing and binding—we are the industry leaders in shipping, packaging, and mailing solutions. As the global printing market gets more competitive, high-quality packaging materials for shipping are helping brands differentiate themselves. Our new product lineup showcases innovative products that keep your shipments looking great long after they leave your hands!


Polybags are an efficient, low-cost way to keep your work clean and protected when it ships out. Available in an array of colors and sizes, they’re surprisingly versatile. Spiral offers bags for many different uses, including FDA and USDA-compliant polybags, bags with pre-punched hanging holes for retail sales, and bags for parts and inventory. Since they are resealable, they can also be reused, making them an economical solution for repeat use. 

Corrugated Cartons/Boxes and Mailers

Whether you’re shipping printed and bound documents or looking to move e-commerce products, corrugated cartons and box mailers make great wholesale packaging materials for shipping. Because they have a hard outer surface, they provide excellent insulation from the elements. Modern electronic printing can also allow you to print custom logos and designs to personalize any box or mailer! In addition, their rectangular shape allows you to ship flat, which can save on storage space and make shipping more efficient for 

Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are ideal for making sure posters, artwork, and larger laminated documents ship out without damage. With larger signage and bigger documents, visuals are often important, and there’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful poster or document get warped or crinkled during shipping. Mailing tubes are incredibly tough and give you the peace of mind that whatever you send out will arrive in end users’ hands in perfect shape. Spiral even offers square mailing tubes, an innovative solution that allows for flat packing and prevents rolling around during shipping.

Packing List Envelopes

No matter what kind of container you use to ship your products or printed documents, you’ll usually need to include an invoice, packing list, or shipping label. Our packing list envelopes are high-quality, and thick enough to prevent moisture and dirt from damaging the contents inside. And with easy-to-use peel-and-stick adhesive, you’ll have your packages properly labeled and set in no time at all. Any shopping list for wholesale packaging materials for shipping should include packing envelopes—and the inventory at Spiral has everything you need to get started.

Mailing Bags and Envelope Mailers

Mailing bags and envelopes are ideal for shipping documents and thin-profile items stress-free. Good for nearly any project, they’re available in many sizes and in paper, polyethylene, and padded or unpadded varieties. Padded Polyethylene mailers are not only water-resistant, but they also provide great shock and drop protection for anything inside. Some, like the Kraft jumbo envelopes, are even big enough to ship oversized prints up to 24” by 36”. 


Anything you ship needs a quality seal on the packaging to get there safely! Our wide array of tapes, Velcro, and accessories allow you to make packing nearly automatic. If you’re doing high-volume packing, having a quality tape dispenser like the Tape Logic Top Gun makes taping up boxes a breeze. We also offer weather-resistant tapes and Velcro that can stand up to the elements.


Strapping tools help bundle packages together to prevent damage, and they’re among the most critical packaging materials for shipping suppliers. Spiral stocks tools designed for strapping down packages and tightening them to prevent movement and slippage.  From robust, all-in-one solutions like the SealerSales Strapping Machine to simpler tools like strapping tensioners and seals, we have everything you need to ensure confidence in shipping and packaging. 


In some cases, labeling documents or packages can be tricky. But with our great selection of tags, ties, and fasteners, you can identify and address almost anything. Many tags feature reinforced eyelets that prevent tearing and ripping.  You can even opt for pre-filled template tags (like our repair tags) to streamline workflows on warranty and repair items.


Depending on what you’re shipping, you may need to add safety or handling information to the box or mailer. In some cases, warehouse numbers need to be indicated, or items that pass quality control may require a stamp of approval on the box. If customers are ordering fragile items or ones that require refrigeration, labels can provide critical care instructions to package handlers and warehouse employees. And with pressure-sensitive adhesive and table-top dispensers available for larger rolls of our stickers and labels, applying them can be incredibly simple and efficient.

Paper, Tissue, and Tyvek

Quality paper, tissue, and Tyvek can make every unboxing experience special. Ideal for wrapping and protecting products of all types, they help keep grease, dust, and damage at bay. If you’re looking for something with more crush resistance, Spiral stocks corrugated rolls, excellent for protecting metal or glass items. For those needing something that will seal out mildew, moisture, and the elements in general, Tyvek is a particularly good option.

Retail Supplies

Elevating packaging, gift bags, and boxes is about more than pretty looks. Research has shown that quality packaging can have a big influence on consumers’ perception of a brand, product quality, and even how much a company cares about its products. For businesses serious about showing their products in the best light, quality retail supplies are a must. Spiral’s retail gift bags, boxes, and tissue paper can ensure you have the aesthetic touch you need to make a good impression. 

Bubble, Foam, and Fill

For items that don’t occupy an entire box or package, bubble, foam, and fill products are a must for ensuring a snug fit and preventing shifting in transit. Spiral offers many different types of bubble and foam products that are highly versatile. We offer bubble wrap that’s soft enough to handle delicate glass trinkets, and even heavy-duty air bubble rolls that can protect heavy items like motors and machine components. Our cool shield bubble rolls are FDA-compliant and can protect food that needs to be refrigerated, even sealing out odors and moisture. 

Shop our Packaging Products Today

Packaging materials for shipping must be lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and protective—especially in today’s competitive markets. No matter what you sell or ship, we carry a wide range of items tailor-made to protect your work along its journey to customers. Visit Spiral today for expert advice, a massive selection of products, and great customer service from real people!

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