Join Us at the Printing United Expo October 18-20, 2023 in Atlanta Georgia


Ready to attend the most innovative and dynamic printing event of the year? Printing United is BACK and we’ll be in Atlanta with some exciting equipment to share with the world. We’d love to see you there; scroll down to get your FREE passes to the event!

There is nothing quite as exciting in the business world as a trade show where we get to gather with our peers and partners to talk about all things print. Commercial, apparel, graphic installers, wide format, labels, in-plant, mailers, promotional, and more exciting printing topics are on the table. And guess what? We will be there along with hundreds of other vendors and tens of thousands of print professionals!

What’s Great about Printing United

The Printing United Expo held in Georgia has garnered a reputation for being a pivotal event in the printing industry for a variety of reasons:

Innovation and Technological Advancements

  • Latest Technologies: The expo is known for showcasing the latest technologies and solutions in the printing industry. It is a great venue to witness live demonstrations of the newest printers, presses, inks, and other consumables.
  • Innovative Solutions: Exhibitors bring their most innovative solutions to the floor, offering glimpses into the future of printing technology.

Networking and Collaboration

  • Industry Leaders: The expo congregates leaders and professionals from all corners of the printing industry. This offers an exceptional opportunity for networking and establishing valuable business connections.
  • Collaborative Atmosphere: The atmosphere at the expo encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas, fostering partnerships and alliances that can be fruitful in the long term.

Education and Skill Development

  • Seminars and Workshops: Discover a range of seminars, workshops, and educational sessions led by industry experts. These sessions are designed to hone skills and provide insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
  • Certification Programs: Attendees have the opportunity to participate in certification programs that can enhance their skills and knowledge in the printing field.

Business Growth and Development

  • New Business Opportunities: Being surrounded by thousands of innovative solutions and a network of professionals opens up avenues for new business opportunities and avenues for growth.
  • Marketing Exposure: For exhibitors, the expo is a splendid platform for increasing brand visibility and marketing exposure, helping to reach potential customers and collaborators.

Experience and Inspiration

  • Inspiring Displays: The expo hosts some of the most inspiring displays of print products, showcasing the heights of creativity and innovation the industry has reached.
  • Dynamic Environment: The dynamic and vibrant environment of the expo can be a source of inspiration, fueling new ideas and perspectives in professionals attending the event.

Location and Amenities

  • Strategic Location: Georgia’s strategic location facilitates easy access for a wide range of attendees, from local professionals to international visitors. There are even co-located events where you can meet with smaller groups.
  • Excellent Amenities: The venue offers excellent amenities and facilities to ensure a comfortable and enriching experience for all attendees.

Connect with Peers

Kick off the weekend with a rocking opening night party that has live music, food, and drinks. Throughout the event, you can meet with tens of thousands of attendees who you share a love of print with. Your common interests, challenges, and goals are just a few of the things that connect you with every person you come across at Printing United. This event is the industry’s largest face-to-face gathering and the best way to connect with peers in the printing and adjacent industries. Discover friendships, see exciting new products, discover innovative ways to overcome challenges, and build new partnerships.

Build New Partnerships

Waiting for you at the show are wall-to-wall vendors, excited to meet you and show you just how they can help your business. Experience over one million square feet of equipment, technology, and industry trends on display and ready to demo. Whether you’re actively buying or just looking to explore what is new, the Printing United Expo 2023 is the best place to diversify your partnerships and grow your business.

Get Hands-On

There are many opportunities at Printing United to get hands-on with the future of print. At various booths, vendors may be offering demos where you can work with the technology and get a feel for them yourself. Plus, there are even dedicated hands-on training zones that are sure to be a ton of fun.

Fun. Excitement. Print!

Ready to get your print on? Check us out at booth# B4013 to see all of the exciting, innovative equipment we have to share. 

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