Having Problems when Laminating Digital Prints?


Are you having problems when laminating digital print? Do you find that the film is not adhering and peeling of your prints? Be assured that you are not alone!

The issue is that silicone fuser oil present in digital print engines, plus some other digital toner additives, can cause adhesion problems when over-laminating with thermal lamination films.

Leave prints to cure overnight before laminating

Experience has proven that lamination will adhere more easily when the digital print has fully cured.

Increase the temperature of your laminator

Run your laminator as hot as you can. If you run too hot, you will know because the film will shrink unacceptably and lose clarity.

Decrease the speed you are running on your laminator

By slowing your run speed, you will increase the time the film and print have in the nip roller to help adhesion.

Increase the pressure

This might not be an option on all laminating machines, however If you have a machine with pneumatic pressure adjustments, you can also increase the pressure which helps to force the laminating film to adhere.

Use better film

For years we have offered a film called Color-Bond that is specifically manufactured for better adhesion to toner based graphics. Although it does have a higher price point compared to standard laminating films, however the cost of failed laminating jobs makes it an attractive solution for laminating digital prints.

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