Ask the Expert: iJetColor Press Performance Bundle

Check out the iJetColor Press Performance Bundle, an envelope printer with a print speed three times faster than that of traditional toner devices. Want to learn more? Check out all the videos in our Ask the Expert series below!

What print volumes can I expect?

What size envelope can the iJet print?

Can it print full bleed?

What kind of stocks can it print?

Can I print windowed envelopes?

Can I print on the envelope flap?

Can I print variable data?

What’s included with the bundle package?

What makes the iJetColor stand out from the competitors?

What is the cost-per-print compared to a toner-based printer?

What are the consumables with the iJet System?

How many prints can I expect with a full set of ink tanks/printhead?

How does the feed system work? (Envelope Feeding)

Can the iJetColor System color match?

Who installs, trains & services the system?

What is included with the service contract?

How many envelopes can I print per hour?

What makes Memjet technology unique?

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