NEW! Smooth Mount Pouch Board Laminator

Smooth Mount Laminator

Manufactured in the US, the Smooth Mount Laminator is a heated roller, mounter laminator designed for simple one-step operations. This laminator offers a cost effective alternative to traditional wide format laminating machines and provides a very quick ROI.

Available in three width sizes, 27″, 40″, and 50″, the Smooth Mount Laminators pre-set roller pressure and automatic gap adjustment on the nip roller is designed to eliminate the guess work and delivers professional results every time. Rear extension legs are attached to the exit of the laminator to catch boards as they exit, making jobs a one person operation. The low start-up cost of the Smooth Mount Laminator allows even small operations the opportunity to bring mounting and laminating jobs in house to save time and money! Add value to posters, prints, and photos now!

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