Regional Printing Operation Experiences Industrious Growth after Purchasing Automated Equipment

Pictured w/the James Burn EX 610 (L to R) Kim Surveil, Graphic Artist; Lisa Nianiatu, Communications Specialist; John Gethicker, Communications Specialist; Any Moot, Print Shop Operator; and Jen Rickert, Graphic Designer.

Before being paired with Spiral, the Cattaraugus, Allegany, Erie, and Wyoming counties branch of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), a NY State-wide association that provides educational experiences to high school juniors and seniors as well as Special Education services and teacher training, was in search of assistance with a fairly minor printing operation. Previously all BOCES sent materials to be printed and bound elsewhere, but Michael Graf, the Information Technology Director of the Cattaraugus and Allegany counties (CABOCES), soon began to consider the outcome of printing in-house. With limited experience Graf researched the cost impacts, options, and needs to develop the requirements specifications. After consideration to include the production time of all their materials, the James Burn Alpha-Doc MK4 Automatic Punch and JBUSA CB30QS Coil Inserter/Crimper were then purchased through Spiral.

Soon the operation began to grow. Internal distribution of the freshly punched and coiled materials created more opportunity, freedom, and control over CABOCES own materials. Circulation increased, and the cost of production of printing in-house versus elsewhere was a much more viable option. The very first in-house printing job yielded a whopping 17,000 booklets for the districts BOCES serviced, a formidable number from a man who humbly refers to himself as a rookie at printing. Yet the success numbers speak for themselves. Graf emphasizes that a nimble and dedicated operation is key.

Spiral’s automated equipment continues to help maintain a constant quota with consistent quality that assures outside districts will not need to look elsewhere for their printing needs. The first year printing with Spiral’s equipment generated $350,000 and continued to double yearly, with the current return reaching upwards of $1.8 million not bad for just a handful of employees working this production.

In this operation, no profit is kept; any surplus that is gained at the end of the fiscal year is put back into the local CABOCES school district to retain funding and growth. Printing in-house allows for a more industrious operation and also permits available money to be given back to the districts an exciting all-win occurrence. Traditional printing jobs are usually short term and will cost more in the long run when done on the outside. But with Graf running his print shop in-house, a far more cost effective model for the tax payer dollar is created.

There are 60-70 sites outside Graf’s own 22 serviced BOCES districts that utilize his print shop. Due to this growth Graf reached out once again to find faster, more efficient automated equipment and was subsequently matched with the JBUSA CF-30 Plastic Coil Forming System, the James Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch, and an additional CB30QS Inserter.

Despite the popularity and success of CABOCES in-house printing job, Graf stated that the reason he started production was to make a difference. It is not difficult to see that is indeed what he is doing; such quality service cannot be faked. won’t let a customer down Graf said very seriously. We do what it takes to provide the quality that is expected of us.

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