Spiral’s Graph Expo 2015 Booth #2239 Preview


Spiral (Spiral Binding Company, Inc.) will be featuring the following document finishing solutions in Booth #2239 at Graph Expo 2015.

Spiral is excited to announce the release of 3 new product offerings including our NEW Photo Finishing line and expanded James Burn offerings.

1. [NEW for 2015] The James Burn Lhermite® DocuPunch® MINI is an economical, table-top version of the popular DocuPunch® Plus. This workhorse punch will put automatic punching in the hands of shops that previously couldn’t cost justify larger volume machines. Quickly see a ROI with dramatically reduced labor costs.
2. [Updated for 2015] The NEW DocuPunch® PLUS is the latest version of the popular James Burn Lhermite® DocuPunch® that was first offered back in 2000. The DocuPunch® PLUS offers punching speeds of up to 76,000 sheets per hour with adjustable cycle speeds and lift thickness. Consistently keeping ahead of the competition, the DocuPunch® PLUSÂ adds significant improvements to those first models introduced almost two decades ago, insuring higher production rates in a cost effective, automatic punching solution.
3. Spiral expanded photo finishing line continues to open new revenue streams for customers.

  • The revolutionary Pinchbook Photo Booksrequire no equipment to make and are fast and easy to assemble.
  • The unique Silver Linings Photo Mounting Frames allow retailers to achieve high profit potential. Simple to make and ready to present to your customer in seconds.
  • The patented GOframe system creates ready to hang canvas stretch frames in minutes, simple to do, without expensive equipment required.
  • JetMaster Photo Wraps provide the look of a stretched canvas frame in a cost effective cardboard material. The super smooth adhesive creates perfect images and is a great alternative to traditional foam boards mounted graphics.

Additionally, the complete line of James Burn International® Lhermite® automated punching & binding solutions will be shown.

Automated Punching Equipment:

  • DocuPunch® MINI Automatic Punch **highlighted above**
  • DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch **highlighted above**
  • Alpha-Doc® MK4 Automatic Punch -Handles up to 14″ (BE) x 13″ sheets at speeds up to 90 cycles / minute / 45,000 sheets per hour.
  • EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch – Handles up to 24″ (BE) x 15″ sheets and speeds up to 140 cycles / minute / 125,000 sheets per hour.

Automated Wire-O® Binding Equipment:

  • Wire-O® Bind 3500 Semi-Automatic Binder – This spool machine will operate at speeds up to 600 books per hour. The touch screen control makes size changes simple with no tooling needed.
  • BB50H High Speed Semi-Automatic Binder – Offers speeds up to 1200 books per hour, our exclusive Louisville closing tools provide the best wire closing in the industry.
  • BB400 Speedbind Automatic Binder – Our fastest wire closer operating at speeds of up to 2,000 books per hour. Designed for operations that need maximum productivity.
  • SnakeSkin Wire-O® Delivery System – Our Wire-O® in flexible plastic skin. Fewer changeovers and downtime and eliminate costs associated with disposal of traditional spools.

Automated Plastic Coil Binding Equipment:

Foliant® Single-Sided Laminating Solutions:

  • Gemini C400A – Designed for the digital print market in mind, is has an operating width of 14.9″ and can run sheets up to 14.9″ x 25.9″ with speeds up to 49′ / minute.
  • Taurus 530SF – Offers an integrated suction feeder and a high speed bump separator handling sheet sizes up to 20.4″ x 29.1″. Capable of running at speeds up to 115’/ minute along with an optional pallet feeder and pallet stacker, this is truly and industrial workhorse.

Rhin-O-Tuff has partnered with Spiral to show the Onyx Series of heavy duty tabletop punching and binding machines at this year’s Graph Expo. The Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx line of punching and binding equipment was the winner of the 2013 Readers Choice award from Quick Printing Magazine for the top Binding Equipment. Long regarded as a workhorse in the tabletop punch and bind market, this includes the HD7700, HD7000, and OD4012 punches. The unique 3-in-1 PPS System offers a unique semi-automatic punching option that increases production without adding any additional operators.

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