Pantone® Color Matching for Custom Products: Deliver Excellence in Your Color

pms_eblast_banner_noYour commitment to deliver excellence is the core strength of your organization. Your company’s brand represents the total experience your customer has with your product, service, and company. Everything depends on your brand identity and having consistent colors in your printed materials is critical.

The Pantone® Matching System (PMS) is the industry standard for selecting, specifying, matching, and controlling ink colors. Spiral uses the Pantone® Matching System to make sure your brand is consistent and recognizable on all the custom products we offer, including a wide range of binding materials: Plastic Combs, Coil, Wire-O®, Fastback Binding Tape, Covers, Index Tabs, Pocket Folders and so much more.

Choose Spiral when brand consistency for your presentation materials is critical. Our color-matching processes will ensure the best possible results.
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