Pad Your Wallet with Custom Notepads!

blog_imagePad Your Wallet with Custom Notepads!

Padding Presses are a great way to bind loose sheets of paper or recycle your scrap paper to create brand new notepads. We stock a variety of tabletop and floor-standing padders. Perfect for note taking, notepads are widely used by schools, universities, churches, and plenty of other organizations. Customize them easily with your name, company logo, school name and more!

Creating pads are cost effective and easy to do!

Simply stack your paper into the vice of a padding press, clamp the stack into place, and apply padding glue to the back of your stack. Once it has dried loosen the clamp and separate your pads.

We carry all the padding supplies you’ll need in order to create your own pads – padding glue, chipboard, and accessories such as knives, brushes, & pvad counters.

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