New Printable Mylar High Speed Copy Tabs for EA Toner Color Print Engines


What is EA Toner?  

EA Toner is chemical toner prepared by Emulsion Aggregation (EA) using a chemical process to “grow” very small, uniform particle sizes from even smaller (sub-micron) size toner components. The EA process can deliver the desired size and narrow particle size distribution required for excellent color image quality.

EA Toner also eliminates the need for fuser oil. This allows for a more professional, offset appearance.  With smaller toner particles, copies and prints can be created using less toner on the paper and with finer lines yielding a higher quality appearance. With increased control over the toner particles, they transfer to the paper more efficiently, resulting in less waste toner to discard.

EA Toner Benefits:

  • Sharper image quality and improved fine lines and text
  • Higher reliability and lower service costs
  • Faster warm-up time – Always ready

EA toner sounds great until you try and use it to print on the standard printable mylar copier tabs. Customers are experiencing deletion and smearing issues using these tabs. With reports that indicate by 2017, 56 % of the color copiers in the field will be EA toner machines, we have developed a new formula for the mylar tab extension that will eliminate these issues.

Copier Tabs Designed for EA Toner:

The standard size is 11″ x 8-1/2″ with a 1/2″ tab extension. The stock is a 92 bright, 90# white index in 1/5th cut which is the most popular and is available with or without 3-hole punching in a variety of collation sequences. Additional cuts and other offerings can be made please ask your sales associate for details. Only clear mylar is available for the tab extension at this time.

For more information regarding High-Speed Copier Tabs for EA Toner please click here.

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