When it comes to laminating, “We Only Do Everything”

Post_Lam-NeedsThere are so many laminating options out there it can be mind boggling.

Spiral carries a wide variety of products; for the large graphic production market we have: Wide Format Thermal Laminate, Pressure Sensitive Cold Laminate, Mounting Adhesives and Mounting Boards.

If you own a desktop laminator with 1″or 2-1/4″ cores we offer the following products in Standard School Grade Film, Premium Copolymer Adhesives and Color-Bond film for digital output. These products are all available in both gloss and matte finishes and now the new and exciting Soft Touch films.

If high production commercial film is what you need, look at our Premium PET, BOPP, Nylon offerings, as well as Color-Bond film for digital color output. Let’s not forget about that  Soft Touch film

Pouches, ID Supplies, Xyron films, Fujipla films, WOW; We Only Do Everything is right!!! Let the laminating experts at Spiral James Burn guide you to find the right thing to match your specific application.

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