Innovations in Clear Overlay Binders, Poly Binders and Custom Binders! Oh My!

Innovations in Clear Overlay Binders!!!


Deluxe Jenst Clear Overlay Binders offer a unique self-loading spine system that is built into every binder. With effortless insertion of spine labels into the spine pocket, the Jenst spine loading tool makes it a snap to load every time.


Xpress Clear Overlay View Binders are designed for easy insertion and removal of spine copy into the binder, making them re-usable. The patented “V” spine opens the spine pocket to assist with inserting and removing the spine label so binders can be re-used, making this a truly green product.

Don’t forget about our Premium Clear Overlay Binders made with heavy weight vinyl and chipboard available in Letter and Mini size.


The heavy duty Poly used to create these binders is extremely durable. They won’t crack or tear. Easy to clean by simply wiping with a wet rag, these binders are ideal for a student and can be used in clean rooms, workshops, and hospitals. Available in letter sized or “mini” in a wide range of colors and can be custom printed with your branded logo.

Choose between our Letter Size Binders, Mini Size Binders or create your own look with our Custom Poly Binders.


Who says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Custom Binders pay for themselves by enhancing brand image and awarness.

Custom Binders provide an aesthetic appeal; custom design options include color, size, and cover materials. All are available in an endless array, providing a visual impact of the final product. Custom binders convey a precise marketing message with the use of corporate logos, images and trademarks to further increase brand recognition and improve sales. This can transform a simple item such as a binder from a strictly functional item, into a powerful marketing tool for your company.

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