Cracking On Digital Prints? We Have The Solution!


Cracking on Digital Prints? We Have The Solution!


Is your manual creaser not getting the job done? The iCrease Digital Creaser could be the answer to your problem.

The Count iCrease offers an icon-based digital control panel that automates set up, making this a machine anyone can use. It will handle sheet sizes from 4′ x 4′ to 13′ x 19′ and anywhere in between. It is perfect for tent cards, perfect bound covers, tri-fold and letter brochures and any other creasing project you can throw at it. Check out the video to see it in operation.


More Creasing Power: The EZCreaser Touch might be the solution.

The Count EZ Creaser Touch offers the same user friendly icon based touch screen that is on the iCrease but with top feeding automatic friction feeding to boost production. Designed to do high-quality creasing, the EZCrease Touch can also be fitted with perforating, and scoring wheels including a Micro-Perf.


Need Fast & FuriousCreasing Power? The AccuCreaser Air Touch will deliver.

The Count AccuCreaser offers user friendly controls, as well as flexibility and speed. This bottom feed suction air fed 18″ wide unit is designed to do high-quality creasing, perforating, and scoring with micro-perfing wheels as an option. It will run sheet sizes from 18′ x 20′ down to 3′ x 5′ and stock weights from 16lb to 16 point. It is ideal for shops doing a wide range of products in a high production environment that requires automatic feeding.

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