Commercial Laminating Film

Laminating adds value to just about any print job, not only aesthetically, but it also provides protection, durability and permanence to the printed sheet. Protecting the life of your printed materials is important and Spiral James Burn understands that. Our complete line of commercial laminating films will meet the demanding requirements for your graphic protection.

The Benefits of Film Laminating Include:

  • Maintain color and brilliance of your products over time. Laminating reduces both ink fade and paper yellowing.
  • Protect, preserve and extend print life in tough environments. Restaurants, automotive shops and the great outdoors are no matches for a long lasting, properly produced film laminated product. Film laminate is scratch, scuff and tear resistant.
  • Improved durability and appearance as compared to varnishes and other coatings such as aqueous and UV. With film laminating, ink colors appear to pop off the page.
  • Waterproof option. When two-sided edge seal/encapsulated laminating methods are used, your printed product is virtually waterproof.

Commercial Films are available in PET Polyester, OPP Polypropylene and Nylon based films and is available with adhesives that work with offset printed and digitally printed stocks. Film finishes include:

  • Gloss finish – that provided the high polished color pop.
  • Matte finish – for a softer more subdued look.
  • Scuff Resistant – for a real durable scratch free surface.
  • Velvet finish – that is so silky customers will find it irresistible not to touch the finished product.

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