Take a Look at the Tamerica VersaLam 2700 Roll Laminator

The VersaLam 2700 is a heavy duty 27″ roll laminator with 3/16″ mounting capabilities that is capable of accommodating film up to 10 mil. This laminator features a run speed of 4 feet per minute, a manual emergency motor shut off, variable speed and temperature control, and spring loaded adjustable tension knobs for both upper and lower rollers. With silicon heated rollers the VersaLam 2700 provides scratch free lamination and easy clearing.

The VersaLam 2700 is designed as a two sided laminator and features a decurling bar behind the back rollers and in between the front and back rollers to allow for occasional one sided lamination with the nylon or BOPP lamination film. The decurling bars are intended to counter the direction of the curl and offer a flatter output and are disengageable when doing two sided lamination or mounting applications.

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