Reviewing the PadMaster 2000

The PadMaster 2000 is an automated, padding factory on a tabletop that transforms loose sheets into instant pads. All the user has to do is just push the cycle button or use the optional convenient footswitch, and the PadMaster clamps the sheets, self-adjusts to the proper thickness, moves them over a precision hot melt glue applicator and passes through a rapid cooling system. In just three seconds, your pad is done, automatically released by the PadMaster 2000, and is ready for delivery. Upon completion, the carriage returns to its original position and is ready once again for loading.

The PadMaster 2000 offers instant satisfaction to your customers and instant profits for you with the ability to produce up to 720 pads per hour. With dramatic labor savings, your margins for padding will soar, adding big time extra benefits to your bottom line. It’s the essence of what the experts mean when they say, “today, a printer’s big profits are in post-press.”

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