A Review of the Martin Yale Intimus GC-210 Business Card Slitter

The Intimus GC-210 Business Card Slitter by Martin Yale allows you to rapidly produce business cards at speeds of up to 300 per minute. With just two quick passes through the GC-210 slitter and your 10-up cards on 8 ½” x 11″ sheets are cut down to 3 ½” x 2″ with ease.

The “Gutter Cut” design allows the blank space in between each of the business cards on the full printed sheets to be trimmed and which allows you extend the ink off the card’s edge or bleed it. With adjustable side guides this machine gives you the flexibility to move the paper feed position adjusting for out of register printing. The large, built-in waste catching bin saves time by automatically stripping the excess paper away from the cards and the hardened steel semi self-sharpening blades ensures years of operation without sharpening or replacement.

The GC-210 is compatible with most professional design software programs that are used to create business cards, such as: Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Pagemaker, PhotoShop Word and Publisher.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the Intimus GC-210 Business Card Slitter, visit us at SpiralBinding.com. We have great pricing on a full line of Business Card Cutters. Call us at 1-800-631-3572 for more information!

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