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The James Burn DocuPunch is an automatic punch designed for accurate mid-volume automatic punching on demand. This high-speed automatic punch is capable of producing up to 30,000 punched sheets per hour that are preprinted, or collated documents directly from your copier or printer, or tabs that are pre-collated into the finished sets.

The latest generation of the Docupunch Mark II automatic punch is capable of producing 30 reams of punched sheets per hour. The new version of the Docupunch now comes with 3 selectable speeds, 50, 60 and 70 cycles per minute to offer more productivity and more security for a wider range of punching jobs.

This machine was designed with the on-demand market in mind, with setup time in less than a minute and die changes in seconds. This is also a hands free operation so your operator is free to perform other tasks, all you have to do is load the tray, push a button and walk away. With an incredibly small footprint and heavy-duty casters, the DocuPunch is assured to fit even in the tightest of space requirements.

The DocuPunch is as easy to use as an office photocopier, this versatile, ergonomically designed time-saver offers hands-free punching of pre-collated books, presentations, reports and even tabbed sheets in a free-standing unit that makes quick, light work of your diverse punching needs. Simply load the tray, push a button and walk away. The DocuPunch accurately punches a wide range of materials and sizes, operated by a simple touch key control panel featuring positive sheet pickup and 3-sided jogger for perfect holes every time and keeping documents in perfect pre-collated order.

With speeds of up to 30,000 sheets per hour, a wide assortment of die patterns available, and super-fast changeover times, the DocuPunch is the perfect companion to mid-volume plastic comb, Wire-O wire and Spiral Plastic Coil document finishing solutions in central reproduction departments and digital on-demand printers where efficiency and productivity are a must.

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