Why the Handy-Drill Paper Drill is Right for You

The Challenge Handy-Drill is a cost effective single spindle paper drill designed for use in small and medium sized print shops, binderies and offices. The Challenge Handy-Drill Paper Drill is designed to bring speed and efficiency to quick-print and on-demand operations. The Handy-Drill has the ability to put holes in 2.5 inches of paper which makes for a quick process. This machine features a standard drilling capacity of 2 1/2″ and comes with both a 1/4″ and 5/16″ Challenge drill bit. The spindle motor automatically turns on when the pull-down lever is moved and automatically switches off when the lever returns to the up position. The conveniently located chip collector cups are located around the spindle and include a sight gauge to signify when the cups are full and need to be emptied, these cups also serve as safety covers with interlock switches. When removed to change the drill bit or empty the paper chips, the power to the motor remains off until the cups are replaced for safety. The back gauge includes 4 adjustable stops for drilling multiple hole pattern jobs, all you have to do is flip the switch and move your pile to the next setting. This Handy Drill can be converted to or ordered as a 2″ standard drill capacity to accommodate a wider range of 13 available hole sizes. The back gauge also includes 4 adjustable stops for drilling multiple hole pattern jobs; just flip the switch and move your pile to the next setting.

The Challenge Hand-Drill comes with: (1) 1/4″ & (1) 5/16″ 2-1/2″ hollow drill bits, (2) 1-1/2″ wood drill block, (1) trip back gauge, operation manual, and tool kit.  And this 18″ x 19″ machine small enough to put on any table top!

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the Challenge Handy Drill, visit us at SpiralBinding.com. We have great pricing on a full line of Table Top Drills. Call us at 1-800-631-3572 for more information!

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