What’s the Difference Between the FMM-3, the FMMP-3 and the FMMH-3 Spindle Paper Drills?

Lassco Wizer offers three models of the 3 spindle paper drill, the FMM-3, the FMMP-3, and the FMMH-3. These machines are very similar with the exception that the FMMP-3 has the convenience of a foot metal, and the FMMH-3 has a foot petal activated hydraulic powered table.

The FMM-3 Spindle Paper Drill

The FMM-3 is a 3 spindle paper drill that offers a two inch drilling capacity, an easy moveable head design and a rugged mechanical lift table that smoothly traverses in either direction. With this electric activated drill and the manual foot petal offers high production at an affordable price. This machine was built for ease in operation and maximum production performance. The FMM-3 has a powerful 3/4 HP electric spindle motor drives 3 movable drill heads. The FMM-3 can drill holes in a 2 inch stack of paper, which equivalent to about 500 sheets of paper. This machine has three spindles so you can create the traditional three-hole pattern very quickly and can punch all three holes at the same time which will help you be more productive. With the FMM-3 you can use a number of different sizes of paper, up to 32 inches long. The FMM-3 is a great paper drill that is suitable for use in print shops, binderies, and industrial environments.

The FMMP-3 Spindle Paper Drill

The FMMP-3 offers all the same features of the FMM-3 with the added convenience of a foot petal activated pneumatic powered table. This machine is the most versatile, compact, and affordable power 3-spindle drill on the market today. The pneumatic powered drill provides continuous drilling with the foot petal for any size paper from letter to legal. The FMMP-3 can be powered by your in-house air or it is available with our select compact compressor. This machine has a 3/4 horsepower engine and it is outfitted with a pneumatic lift that is fully adjustable. This lift is controlled by a foot petal so your hands will be free during the drilling process.  The FMMP-3 has a table top that measures 15″ x 32″ so you have a lot of room to work in.

The FMMH-3 Spindle Paper Drill

The FMMH-3 offers all the features of the FMM-3 with the added convenience of a foot petal activated hydraulic powered table. This machine is the only hydraulic powered drill that operates on 120 volt 20 amp power with a fully automatic 1/2 HP adjustable speed hydraulic lift foot petal activation. This is the most versatile, compact, and affordable drill on the market and provides continuous drilling by a foot pedal control. The FMMH-3 has a 2 inch drilling capacity, and has an easy to adjust head design and adjustable hydraulic lift speed. This powerful 3/4 HP electric spindle drives 3 movable drill heads.

These machines include an accessory package with a drill sharpener, Spin-Eze drill bit lubricant, 5/16″ drill bits, and chip clearer.

If you have any questions or are interested in the FMM-3 Spindle Paper Drill, the FMMP-3 Spindle Fixed Paper Drill, or the FMMH-3 Spindle Paper Drill, visit us at SpiralBinding.com. Call us at 1-800-631-3572 for more information!

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