Reviewing the EBM-2.1 EZ Glide

The easy to use EBM-2.1 EZ Glide Drill is a bench top model designed to place the unit almost anywhere in your workspace. The EBM-2.1 features the EZ Glide table which allows quick movement from hole to hole for multiple hole drilling in a short amount of time. Five interchangeable hole patterns are included with the machine and custom patterns are available for purchase. This machine is extremely durable, easy to use and small enough that it will fit on your desktop or on a counter top. The EZ Glide paper drill is an excellent choice for organizations that need a high quality paper drill for an excellent price.

A release lever is positioned on each side of the traversing table for right or left handed operation. The EZ Glide is equipped with a 2 inch drilling capacity and a 1/4 horsepower motor. The EZ Glide also features an adjustable side stop that will allow you to trap your product to prevent misalignment and an adjustable margin between the drill bit and the backgage. The EZ Glide paper drill is easy to operate and a welcome addition to any production environment.

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