Reviewing the Challenge Titan 200P

Challenge has become well known for building machines that last, and the Titian 200 is no different. The Challenge Titan 200 is a 20 inch programmable paper cutter that offers all the great features that the 200M offers with the addition of the automated programmable back gauge.  This machine allows up to 99 jobs and 9,801 total cut position storage and the system’s single hydraulic motor powers both the clamp and the knife without any loss of power or accuracy. This fully hydraulic cutting and clamping machine has a solid 1 inch thick tool grade aluminum table which offers the strong work surface required in production environments. The Titan 200 has a bright red LED line light that is easy to see a fully programmable controller offers intuitive operation and up to 9,801 total cut position storage.

The Titan 200 is an ideal solution for cutting large quantities of paper quickly and efficiently. This machine is capable of cutting stacks of paper up to 20 inches thick and has variable modes of data entry, either fraction, decimal, or metric.

The Titan 200 offers a variety of terrific safety features. This machine requires a two-handed operation so your hands won’t be near the blade when your paper is being cut. There is a plexiglass safety shield that is available to put over the back table and there is a mechanical safety latch for the blade. There is also a light beam available so you can keep your hands away from the blade.

This hydraulic-powered machine is safe, productive, and durable and fits into almost any budget, especially for busy workplaces.

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