Color Bond Saves the Day (and the customer too)

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The Project: 2000 covers run on a digital color copier, laminated two sides.

The Problem: De-Lamination. The customer had experienced difficulty in the past with de-lamination issues when running this type of job in-house, so they decided to send the job to a local trade shop to have the job run. Unfortunately they got a call that the people they sent the job to were also having the same problem.

The Solution: In a panic with 36 hours to deliver the job to their customer, they called Spiral looking for an answer. We suggested Color Bond laminating film, a specially formulated film developed with fuser oil toner based output in mind. We rushed out some rolls of film and they successfully laminated the job in house and delivered it to their customer on time and on budget. Problem Solved!

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