A Quick Way to Save Time and Money: Paper Folders

What’s so important about paper folders you ask?

A paper folder will save time and money by increasing productivity and reducing the labor hours spent folding statements, invoices and correspondence. Paper folders are simple to use and easy to operate.

Main Benefits of Paper Folders:Paper folders - Save Time, Make Money

  • Save time by increasing the number of sheets folded per hour.
  • Increase productivity by freeing employees to work on other tasks.
  • Reduce mental fatigue and paper cuts. Paper cuts are the WORST!

Suction feed folders are designed with digital print applications in mind. They offer mark free feeding with high speed performance. Air or suction-feed folders use air to float the sheets of paper into the machine. These folders are ideal for glossy paper and color copy output that uses fuser oil which can mark when using a friction feed folder. Air or suction-fed folders can also accommodate most other types of paper stocks and different fold patters including bi-directional folds.

Two of our Popular Air Feed Folders:

Standard Horizon PF-P330 Desktop Paper FolderStandard Horizon PF-P330 Desktop Paper Folder
The PF-P330 paper folder combines the simplicity of push-button set up with reliable mark-free suction feed in a table-top unit. It’s ease of use and quiet operation make it a must for any office or print environment that is folding a variety of stocks that are printed both by traditional offset and digital printers.

Standard Horizon  PF-40 Desktop Paper FolderStandard Horizon  PF-40 Desktop Paper Folder
The PF-40 combines high-volume suction feed capabilities with the intelligent automation that Horizon products are so well known for.  The 1,000 sheet capacity top-fed system is the same suction feed system  as is used on both the highly popular PF-P330 Folder providing for reliable mark-free feeding from static laden digitally printed sheets as well as conventional prints.

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