Snakeskin Wire-O Wins Award For Best Product Innovation

Spiral Binding James Burn is proud to introduce Snakeskin Wire-O at the IPEX show in England; the winner of the Binding Industries of America’s Bill Feingold Award for Best Innovative Product for 2010.

What is Snakeskin Wire-O? Snakeskin Wire-O is Wire-O that is packaged in a flexible plastic “Skin” that completely protects the wire, while gaining more loops per box then a traditional spool of  Wire-O. This is a major innovation for centers that currently use high speed bindery equipment that use Wire-O on spools.

Snakeskin Machine

Features and Benefits:

Increases Productivity up to 15%

  • One box of Snakeskin Wire-O holds up to 3 times as many loops as a Wire-O Spool depending on size and pitch.
  • No spool changing which saves time while increasing productivity.
  • Quick, consistent and easy set ups.

Eliminates Tangling

  • Snakeskin Wire-O is encased in a plastic wrap which prevents the wire from tangling.
  • Eliminate wasted wire and down time caused by tangled wire therefore reducing waste and costs.
  • Reduces risk in transport and damage.

Reduces Waste Management

  • Don’t waste time dismantling spools & incurring costs associated with disposal.
  • Reduces costs in storage and handling.

View Product Page for Snakeskin Wire-O.

UPDATE [2010-05-20]:

Forgot to add a link to our product demo video for Snakeskin Wire-O on YouTube… Here it is!

Snakeskin Wire-O — the New Way to Wire-O!

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