Spiral Continues To Think Green!

What is SFI?

SFI stands for Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It was founded in 1994 by the American Forest & Paper Association. The program’s goals include protecting forest lands through responsible harvesting of forests, reforestation, soil conservation, water and wildlife protection, and efficient use of forest products. Over 136 million acres of forest land is certified by SFI.

Why buy SFI certified products?

Companies that purchase large volumes of paper have become increasingly aware of the impact their buying decisions have on the environment. This consciousness was raised as environmentalists focused on paper mills and the landowners who cultivate the raw materials. Today, this umbrella of responsibility has expanded to include paper merchants, printers, agencies and independent designers. As a group, we must collectively demonstrate to our clients that we are providing “certified” products so our clients can satisfy their goals for responsible purchasing. Our goal is to provide more environmentally and socially responsible printed products.

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