Spiral Can Help You Cut Your Work Down to Size

Your new wide format print is now laminated or mounted. What do you mean there is more work to do? Finish trimming is the final step to the perfect final product. Now the big question is what do I use to trim these finished pieces?

A straight edge and a utility knife can be used to trim laminated and mounted projects. However, a steady hand is required and a mistake can cost both time and money in reprinted work. In every task that needs to be done, the right tool can make all the difference. So what’s the right tool?

Rotary Trimmers: A rotary trimmer has a round blade that is encased in a cutting head, which slides along a metal bar. The blade cuts paper, vinyl banner or laminate film when the cutting head slides across the bar. Available in a wide range of sizes, in both manual and electric, they are perfect for precision cutting. These cutters won’t cut foam boards; they will crush the edges of the board and will not leave a smooth finish.

Board Trimmers: Board trimmers are designed to trim just that, foam board, gator board etc. They use a cutting head that slides along a metal bar; the board is cut when the blade slides along the bar. Available in wall mount or table mounted models. Most use a standard utility knife blade to do the cutting on foam board, the key to a clean cut is to make sure your blades are replaced often. Some models are also available with scoring blades for Plexiglas, glass cutting blades and cutting tools for fiber boards and dibond.

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