Spiral's Products Meet Federal Child Safety Standards

Always aware of our responsibility to our customers and the people that use of our products, Spiral’s Coil, Wire, Comb, and Covers already meet the CPSIA Federal guide lines. Originally created to monitor the children’s toy industry, this act will cover any product that is specifically made for children by the year 2011.

Extensive laboratory testing has confirmed our products are certified to meet CPSIA regulations for lead and phthalates. Under the CPSIA guidelines, we maintain a Certificate of Conformity on file along with the supporting laboratory results. Under CPSIA guidelines, we can release the Certificate of Conformity to any manufacturer in order to substantiate that our product meets CPSIA guidelines.

It is your responsibility to make sure your products meet these federal regulations. Be confident that the products you offer your customers are compliant by purchasing your binding supplies exclusively from Spiral.

For more information on CPSIA guide lines, go here.

Visit the website for US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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