Ask the Expert: DocuPunch MINI

The James Burn DocuPunch MINI Automatic Punch is one of the best automatic punches on the market with its ability to punch up to 10,800 sheets per hour. Want to l more? Check out all the videos in our Ask the Expert series below!

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What are the key specifications?

What is the advantage to automatic punching?

What is the ROI on a DocuPunch MINI?

How do you do a set up on the DocuPunch MINI?

Can you do index tabs and mixed stocks on the DocuPunch MINI?

What are the power requirements?

When should I look at investing in automatic punching?

How do you change the dies?

Is there a die storage area on the DocuPunch MINI?

Is the stand included?

Where is the chip tray and reception bin?

Does the DocuPunch keep my printed sheets collated?

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