Reviewing the EF-35 Suction Feed Folder

The EF-35 Suction Feed Folder provides a clear choice for tabletop folding needs that require precision paper folding and high productivity. This machine is capable of folding 30,000 sheets per hour while delivering both command and control to the operator for every folding job.

The EF-35 comes complete with a combination of rubber and steel folding rollers and self-compensating gapping, the EF-35 is as easy to set up as it is to operate. The grooving on the rollers provides a positive sheet grip while minimizing scratching and scuffing on today’s advanced digital stocks. With a dual dedicated feed pumps, one for suction and one for pressure, allows for proper feeding of a wide variety of paper weights. A digital counter display offers batch and total counting modes with an audible alert when finished. Six folds are pre-programmed into the machine, including letter, half accordion, double parallel, gate single, and Z folds.

This unique folder serves the traditional print markets as well, with its great range of stock capabilities and productive throughput. The speed, reliability, and versatility combined with its compact design makes the EF-35 an exceptional suction feed folder.

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