Reviewing the Formax FD-382 Automatic Folder

The Formax FD- 382 Automatic Folder offers a quick, easy set-up, and exceptionally fast folding with speeds up to 20,100 pieces per hour! The FD-382 is fully automated with fold plates that provide a one touch setup of the 18 pre-programmed fold settings or for one of the 25 custom folds that can be stored into memory. The unique automatic batch allows operators to batch count with automated features. When using the automatic batch users can program the number of sheets to be processed in a set, and then the number of sets needed, and the delay between each set to get the desired amount every time.

The 2.8” backlit LCD display and control panel makes the FD- 382 extremely easy to use with a step by step user interface. Operators can load up to 500 sheets in the hopper at once, select the fold, press start and then walk away until the folding is completed. With the self-centering side guides and a skew adjuster the FD-382 ensures that the paper is loaded and feeds squarely into the folder. With the drop in feed system, the three roller drop in feed system produces a dependable feeding of forms with no fanning required.

The FD- 382 can fold up to 500 sheets in two minutes, and then the folded pieces are stacked on the Telescoping Conveyor System which stacks folded documents neatly. The Multi-Sheet Feeder is an optional feature that allows up to 4 sheets stapled or unstapled to be folded at one time through the dedicated feed system with its own side guides and skew adjustment system.

The FD- 382 features advanced software that allows all standard fold types and paper sizes to be customized to meet your particular needs. The adjustable stacker wheels can be manually adjusted to neatly and sequentially stack different paper sizes and fold types. This folder features fold plates that are enclosed and insulated to reduce operating noise. This fully automatic paper folder is the ideal solution for any church, school, or business which demands quick and easy set up.

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