DigiCreaser Semi Automatic Creaser

DigiCreaser Semi Automatic Channel Creaser

Is manual creasing clogging your finishing operations?
Can’t cost justify an automatic air fed creaser?

The DigiCreaser Semi Automatic Creaser could be the perfect fit to meet your requirements.

Come see it at the On Demand Show in Spiral’s booth # 2343.

The DigiCreaser Semi Automatic Channel Creaser Product Page

The DigiCreaser fills the gap between our manual/electric creasers and a fully automatic machine. Costing about half of our AutoCreaser, it offers exactly the same creasing quality and accuracy. This is because it uses an identical matrix and rule action, with the same technology to control both the positioning of the creases, but also to give a completely consistent creasing depth.

The DigiCreaser offers fully automatic functions after feeding and the unit can operate at speeds up to 4,000 sheets per hour with up to 9 creases in one pass. The sophisticated controls enable jobs to be stored and retrieved for repeat work.

What is the difference between Creasing and Scoring? Should I get a scoring machine instead of the DigiCreaser?

Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibers of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the DigiCreaser uses a patented blade and matrix creasing mechanism to provide a top quality finish, both for digitally printed output and for cross grained litho stock that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

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