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JB USA Creasers

Demand far exceeds sales forecast!
Spiral Binding introduced two new desk top creasers at the On Demand Show in Philadelphia in April.  The interest in these easy to use, low cost creasers took us by surprise. With the unexpected demand for these units, James Burn USA has been ramping up production for these popular machines. Perhaps these units might fit your needs for your busy On Demand print environment.

JB USA ProCrease – E Plus Creasing & Perfing Machine
is an electric creasing and perforating machine. Designed to prevent cracking in toner based digitally printed graphics, the ProCrease-E Plus offers U shaped channel creasing dies. Change out the tool in the unit for adding perforations to your finishing projects as well. Electric operation with foot pedal activation for hands free operation and an 18” width will provide creasing and perfing on 12” x 18” sheets in either direction. The ergonomically designed unit offers integrated die storage and built in handles to easily move the unit around the shop.

The JB USA Procrease-M is the little brother of the ProCrease – E Plus. This manual channel creasing machine is designed to prevent cracking in toner based digitally printed graphics It features all metal construction, magnetic paper stops assure exact position of each crease location on repetitive jobs, and a creasing width of 12 ½”. All at a price that is unmatched in the industry.

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