Revo Automatic Laminators Drastically Increase Production Speed

A laminator is a practical tool that can be used in an office, classroom, church, or print business. It’s almost as essential as any other office electronic like a computer or printer. And like the majority of businesses and organizations out there, you’re constantly looking for ways to save on costs and production time. With the Revo Automatic Laminators’ ability to dramatically increase production speed, you’re closer to meeting your efficiency goals and saving time and money. In this article, we will go over the features, specifications, and production and cost-efficiency of the best laminator machines out there, the Revo Automatic Laminators.

In this article we will cover:

  • The impressive speed and production output.
  • How versatile it is, ideal for desktop workstations to commercial print shops.
  • The unit’s capability to reduce waste and cost.
  • Why this is one of the easiest laminators to use.
  • Revo laminator FAQs

Do More in Less Time With High Speed and Output

There’s nothing more important than saving time and money in your business. You’re not going to stand around and make copies of a multi-page document one page at a time, are you? It’s tedious, time-consuming, and, in all honestly, a big pain. From commercial printers to desktop printers, scanners, and copiers, you load the sheets into a paper tray, press start, and leave the machine running. Why would you laminate any differently? With the Revo Automated Laminators, you will find you can leave behind the archaic process of feeding, laminating, and trimming by hand.

Simplicity at its Best

These automated laminators can feed, laminate, and trim up to 420 sheets* quickly and unattended with the tap of a button. Once you choose your settings on the panel, load your documents and press start. The automatic laminator will feed, laminate, and trim your entire job without any further assistance. The laminator shuts down automatically when the job is complete so you can come back to finished, cut, and perfectly laminated sheets. The automatic feeding uses precision alignment to produce straight, even borders on every sheet.

Save Cash with Fast Laminating

Not only will you have more time with the Revo Automatic Laminators to accomplish other tasks, but you’ll save money from the reduction of trim waste due to uneven cuts. These cost-effective systems provide a minimum of 39″ up to 63″ per minute* yield, which is almost six times as quickly as most conventional pouch laminators.

Versatility for Nearly Every User

The Revo Automatic Laminators support A3 (16.5” W x 11.7” H), A4 (11.7” W x 8.3”H), B4 (9.8” W × 13.9” H), and B5 (6.9” H x 9.8” W) paper sizes. This makes is a versatile machine, capable of handling all of the most common sheet sizes used by various businesses and organizations. A school can laminate study cards and student artwork, as well as oversize flyers. Or a business can laminate business cards and presentation documents. Whatever your standard format laminating needs, the Revo laminator can help.

No Film Confusion

Revo Automatic Laminators work with film cassettes made specifically to operate with them. With these simple lamination cassettes, you can quickly and easily change the film on your machine without complicated threading, rolling, or unnecessary waste. They also allow you to protect your documents against tears, bends, or spills and are superior to many other alternative lamination and adhesive quality.

The Revo replacement film cassettes range in thickness from 1.5 to 5 mil, are interchangeable, and are available in several finishes based on the machine type: the Revo T-14 is available in gloss or matte finishes, and the Revo Office has digital super bond and silk touch film available. Using these lamination films, you get exceptional print quality because the materials adhere effectively to toner-based digital printing.

Built With the User in Mind

The Revo Automatic Laminating Machines provide a better value than competing machines for those requiring more work at a lower cost. Warming up the Revo Automatic Laminators only takes five minutes. Thanks to four hot rollers and two cooling fans, the lamination is also made simple, fast, and uniform, with excellent encapsulation transparency; no bubbles and no milky finish… just clean, clear lamination.

The innovative cutting blade, known as the “cyclone cutter,” is one of the most distinctive features of the Revo Automatic Laminator Series. This unique cutter trims the laminate without pausing, seamlessly differentiating one sheet from another with zero film waste and a self-honing blade that needs no maintenance. Now, what could be easier than that? It also adds exceptional safety features to the machine, as the cutter is located within the machine, helping to prevent injury with handling the blades. The rotary cutter can also be turned off, allowing the user to laminate continuous lengths for bigger projects like banners.

Revo Laminator FAQs

Still have questions? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you need? Please feel free to contact us! You can reach out to us by our contact form, or give us a call at 800-631-3572.

How Fast is the Revo Laminator?

The Revo T-14 Automated Laminator can laminate up to 420 sheets an hour.*

The Revo Office Automated Laminator can laminate up to 240 sheets an hour.*

What Paper can I Laminate with the Revo Automatic Laminators?

You can laminate a max paper width of 12 inches and with paper weights from 60 to 160gsm (up to 60 lb. bond).

Who uses Revo Automatic Laminators?

The Revo Automatic Laminating Machines are ideal for mid-size to large print shops, businesses, and schools. Anyone who wants to speed up the laminating process. Thanks to the size range capabilities, these are the best laminators for certificates, teacher guides, signs, menus, photos, posters, art projects, and more.

Are the Revo Automatic Laminators Easy to Use?

The Revo Automatic Laminators are simple to use. Anyone can load their documents into the tray, set their margins, set the number of sheets for the job, and press start. It will automatically complete the job, leaving your laminated documents in the tray.

Automatic Laminators are a Must-Have Office Machine

The Revo Automatic Laminating Machines are the fastest laminators designed to meet the high productivity demands of business professionals and copy/print shops. You get automatic feeding, laminating, and cutting with a single touch of the start button. With efficient roll-film processing, consistent quality results, and simple operation, the Revo Office Automatic Laminators save labor costs and time and increase productivity. Find out what happens when high speed and convenience meet.

Increase Production Speed Today!

Print shops, school districts, and in-plant print facilities love these machines because they save so much time. Would you like a demo or have questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-631-3572.

*May vary depending on the operator, paper stock, fold type, and other factors.

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