Winter Weather and Your Paper


Static Electricity causing headaches? 

Winter is often a time when paper just doesn’t seem to act the same due to increased static electricity. The paper has developed a static electrical charge causing an abnormal sheet-to-sheet or sheet-to-material attraction which is difficult to separate. This condition may result in feeder trip-offs, print voids from surface contamination, ink offset, or poor sheet jog in the delivery.

There are lots of reasons and explanations, such as:

• Improper Grounding

• Low Humidity

• Pressure and Contact

• Temperature

 The bottom line is finding a solution to your problem. One simple inexpensive solution is to add properly grounded, metal core tinsel that can dissipate static by induction. The tinsel must be tightly stretched approximately 1/8″ from the paper surface without contact. Depending on the equipment being used this is not always a great solution.

Another solution is Ionization electronic static eliminator or neutralizer that uses a high-voltage discharge to ionize the surrounding air; the ionized air acts as an electron source which, in turn, neutralizes the static charge on the paper. One such system that is used everyday within your work flow is a simple jogger. Just make sure that system uses ionized air to dissipate the static. The Duplo UJ-500AS Anti-Static Jogger could be a simple solution to this everyday problem.

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