A Review of the Polar Cub Manual Laminator

Tired of mounting prints by hand? The Polar Cub Manual Laminator is available in a 25″ or 34″ working width and it is just what you’re looking for! This machine saves half the time of mounting by hand, and accepts boards of up to 1″ thick.  The Polar Cub Manual is equipped with high quality silicone rollers to ensure consistent pressure and professional results every time!

All the user has to do is follow these easy steps for high quality lamination:

  1. To set the gap between the rollers to match the thickness of your board, place your board between the rollers and close the rollers by turning the height control knob until there is no light between the board and the rollers. Then tighten the rolls a half turn on the height control knob. If you are using the same boards all the time, this will only need to be done once.
  2. Peel back the first inch of the release liner. Smoothly tack down your print to the inch of exposed adhesive. Insert the tacked edge into the laminator, remove the remainder of the release liner. Hold your print up so that it is smooth against the rollers.
  3. Turn the handle to pull your print and board through the laminator. Your print will be mounted, trim your print if desired.

The Polar Cub Manual Laminator can mount boards up to 1″ thick and is great for mounting large prints while providing even pressure and insure bubble free results.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the Polar Cub Manual Laminator, visit us at SpiralBinding.com. We have great pricing on a full line of Wide Format Mounter Laminators. Call us at 1-800-631-3572 for more information!

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