Take a Look at the QC-S30 Paper Collator

The QC-S30 Paper Collator is one of the fastest tabletop friction feed collators on the market. While incorporating high-performance and a full-featured paper-feed detection, this machine has the ability to program frequent jobs. With its simple set-up and operation, the QC-S30 is well suited for the office or a production-printing environment. Productivity and reliability are achieved with the large variety of set-feed applications. This machine has the ability to collate up to 3,900 sets per hour and features an error detector for missed sheets or double sheets, and a jam detector by sheet length. This machine also features counters which are also a great feature the QC-S30 offers with the ability to total count (ascending) or preset count (descending).

The unique design of the QC-S Collator is easy to expand from a single 10-bin tower, to 20 or 30-bins for high-speed, trouble-free collating. Use the QC-S30 Collator as an off line collator with the ability to add the F40 or SPF-9 Bookletmakers to create an automated book binding system. The QC-S30 is a heavy-duty machine that would be able to withstand the rigorous use in a production in a printing environment!

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the OC-S30 Collator, visit us at SpiralBinding.com. We have great pricing on a full line of Collating Machines. Call us at 1-800-631-3572 for more information!

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