Reviewing the Standard DigiCreaser

The Standard DigiCreaser provides a fast and effective way to channel score covers, cards, or laminated material virtually eliminated image cracking. The DigiCreaser offers fully automatic functions after feeding and the unit can operate at speeds up to 4,000 sheets per hour with up to 9 creases in one pass. This machine can process documents of various sizes between 5.5” x 6.3” and 12.9” x 24.8” and can do up to 4,000 single scores in only one hour. The sophisticated controls enable jobs to be stored and retrieved for repeat work.

The DigiCreaser is a versatile device that can score thousands of items in an hour, while using a patented blade and matrix creasing mechanism to provide a top quality finish, both for digitally printed output and for cross grained litho stock that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking. This machine can score various items including: cardstock, laminated items, and items that have been printed on with toner or ink. The DigiCreaser is great for preparing brochures and greeting cards. This is a great machine that processes a lot of different items, especially laminated documents which can be really difficult to deal with.

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