An In-Depth Look at the Formax FD-320 Friction Folder

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The Formax FD- 320 Paper Folder offers an unmatched level of performance and affordability. This paper folder utilizes a drop-in feed system, which eliminates the need to fan paper. The FD-320 features clearly marked fold settings and removable top and bottom fold plates. This machine is quick and easy to use and makes setting up a breeze. The FD-320 paper folder contains a 3-tire friction feed system that correctly pulls the paper into the folder automatically.

The extended exit conveyor tray neatly stacks the folded documents into a pile, which allows the operator to run most applications without having to unload the output before the infeed is empty. The FD-320 has a fast folding rate of 11,000 sheets per hour and the feed tray can easily hold 250 sheets of paper at a time and can handle paper sizes up to 11-3/4”x18”.

The Formax FD-320 folder is programed with common folds, including: the letter, half and z-fold. Custom folds like double parallel, gate, and fold out are also available by  simply moving the plates around. With the skew adjustment it adjusts the feed table to the left and right for crisp, accurate folds every time.

The FD -320 consists of a heavy-duty steel frame and molded, high-impact side covers for durability which allows it to stand up to rigorous use. This easy to use paper folder is great for users on a tight budget which makes this machine ideal for churches, schools, businesses or departments that demand quick and easy set-up and operation.

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