Packaging Got You All Wrapped Up?

Break free from rolls of shrink film with pre-formed polyolefin shrink bags.

Pre-cut shrink bags make shrink packaging simple and help eliminate errors while reducing labor costs. Just slide your item into bag and seal and shrink with one of our cost effective Galaxy Basic or Galileo Basic one step shrink wrap machines. Or use your existing one step system, bar sealer and heat gun or L-bar sealer and shrink tunnel.

Shrink bags produces neat, strong and attractive packages with minimal waste of material and time. They only seal on one side rather then three sides, so they are stronger then packages produced using rolls of shrink film. Manufactured using pre-perforated polyolefin film, shrink bags offer excellent air escapement and fast, dependable shrinkage without “dog-ears”. The pre-perforation in the film also allows for a quick shrinking process without holes or blown out seals. This low energy shrink is designed to shrink and seal at lower temperatures which reduced machine wear and creates a much nicer package appearance eliminating loose packages. Available in different sizes for a wide range of product sizes.

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