You Don't Need a Government Bailout…

You don’t need a government bailout to purchase a new Sircle binding system.

In tough economic times it’s more important then ever to promote your business with high quality presentation materials so you will stand out from the competition. With the economically priced line of Sircle binding system you can do that without getting a government bailout package.

Sircle offers a complete line of product for plastic comb binding and wire binding in both manual and electric punches in prices that range from $130 to $800. These user-friendly machines are designed to be functional as well as attractive and will fit in any office environment.

Brand recognition is a key component that will also set your presentations apart from the competition. Don’t forget about custom covers and binding combs to go with your new Sircle binding machine.

Wire Binding
WR-2500 3:1 & 2:1 Wire Punch & Bind
WR-150e Punch & Bind for 3:1 & 2:1 Wire
WR-200 Manual Punch & Binder for 3:1 & 2:1 Wire

Comb Binding
CB-150e Electric Punch Comb & 3-Hole w/ Manual Bind
CB-240e Plastic Comb Electric Punch & Manual Bind
CW-4500e Plastic Comb & 3:1 Wire Punch & Bind

Wire & Comb Binding
CW-150e Electric Punch Manual Bind for 3:1 Wire & Comb
CW-350 Manual Punch & Bind for 3:1 Wire & Comb

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