Be Green and Save Some Green

The WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packaging System is designed for any business with a pack-and-ship operation needing to conserve space and save money. It will save storage space occupied by bulky packing materials such as peanuts and bubble wrap. The lightweight and durable air cushions offer greater vibration protection and at a 50% reduced cost than traditional packaging materials. Air cushions can be produced In 4 inch to 12 inch sizes from the same roll of film, no need to buy different film rolls to make different size air cushions. The WiAir inflatable air cushion packaging system will pay for itself faster than any other air cushion machine available.

Packing Peanuts Bubble Wrap WiAir Cushions
Material Cost / Cu. Ft. $2.15 $7.20 $1.24
Inbound Shipping Cost / Cu. Ft. $2.24 $2.90 $.12
Storage Space Cost / Cu. Ft. $65.80 $132.31 $6.37
Total Cost / Cu. Ft. $70.19 $142.41 $7.73

Film is made by polyethylene (PE), can be recycled. It contains no other hazardous substance and is biodegradable. This is environmentally friendly material without secondary pollution.

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